How to use ngrok on your vendo

Step 1

Browse to the ngrok website and login or signup for a free account

Step 2

Sign in with your prefered credential

Step 3

Browse to the Auth Tab

Step 4

Copy your AuthToken as shown. Press the copy button.

Step 5

Login to your local admin panel then paste the AuthToken in the ngrok authtoken field.

Step 6

Go to the Vendo Maintenance | Reboot machine to reboot your vendo so the changes will take effect.

Step 7

Let the machine bootup then go back to the ngrok website, under the Status tab you will find the tunnel link. You can now remote control your vendo as if you are standing right next to it.

ngrok tunneling is FREE for a single connection. If you need more tunneling or if you have more vendos that needs tunneling ngrok will charge you for it. You can create many accounts and have 1 vendo per 1 account to use it for free.