We do not include non-essential features in our software. We like to simplify things for you by taking care of all the hard work and let you focus on what is important, that is generating income.

Some of our basic features listed below.

WiFi Vendo

Serve WiFi connection to your clients and collect payments using super fast and accurate coin reading algorithm. Prepaid tickets can also be used for more flexible rates.

Charging Station

Convert your WiFi vendo into a charging station. Up to 4 terminals can be served at once to maximize your income.

eLoads and Bills Pay

Sell electronic prepaid loads with 2 optional backends. Select between ECPAY with bills pay capabilities or Loadcentral with the option to increase your net income.

PisoNet Server

Convert your WiFi machine into a PisoNet controller which can handle multiple terminals with ability to do traffic shaping.

Water Dispenser

Sell iced mineral water, coffee or beverage to your customers.

Carwash Pump Timer

Water pump controller for your carwash station. more ways to earn money with 1 single license.



For single purchase

Regular price is P1,000



Minimum of 5 licenses

Regular price is P800


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Raspberry Pi

4.1.0 with VLAN support (beta)

Orange Pi

4.1.0 with VLAN support (beta)