Our Freeware Comes With

  • Local Admin Panel
  • Working Onboard Access Point
  • NGROK Access
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Portal Customization using CSS
  • Game Port Priority (editable)
  • Localized Prepaid Tickets
  • VLAN Support
  • Unlimited Remote Cashbox (NodeMCU)
  • Domain Blocking
  • VPN Blocking
  • Anti Tethering (TTL manipulation)
  • Customizable PIN Assignments
  • Customer Chat System
  • Media Player
  • Random MAC Synchronizer

Additional Features for Licensed Softwares

We do not include non-essential features in our software. We like to simplify things for you by taking care of all the hard work and let you focus on what is important, that is generating income.

Some of our basic features listed below.

eLoading Station

Sell electronic prepaid loads with 2 optional backends. Choose between ECPAY or Loadcentral for more flexible income.

Charging Station

Convert your WiFi vendo into a charging station. Up to 4 terminals can be served at once to maximize your income.

Bills Pay Terminal

Allow customers to pay their bills on your terminal. This feature is powered by ECPAY

PisoNet Server

Convert your WiFi machine into a PisoNet controller which can handle multiple terminals with ability to do traffic shaping.

Water Dispenser

Sell iced mineral water, coffee or beverage to your customers.

Carwash Pump Timer

Water pump controller for your carwash station. more ways to earn money with 1 single license.



For single purchase

Regular price is P1,000



Minimum of 5 licenses

Regular price is P800


Our Dealers

NameMobileUser Code
Allanic Lyndon R094991920356FE7E090FA
Annalyn Gaor099515877579B75153FF1
Arnie Laab09053787914D08FEAAEDD
Baste Gadaza09353565610D3F694FAD2
Brian Punayan09063747657A4B96FC6F7
Camar Sangcopan09165038838EA9FAF585A
Christopher Maturan Pacheco0908550355809E07C66AE
Davidson Hermogeno0927596721572C743BE48
Dennis Mangao09566973188BF70179C0F
Emark Monteverde09091907231F8C6435C1B
Gil Kumalon09751821630F96FB50B41
Glock Alincastre094755040023B258AF863
Hersan Africano0907951255629C2751A32
Jan Hervey Catipon Perez09171522616644941D8A6
Jay Kho09193293776E2A481C02A
Jay-ar Supnet097781169994FBA633A49
Jelson Sinfuego091977730875678020CDE
Jhun Sevilla099593129609DF92E765B
Jonas Carter090911630596AD01CFCCB
Jordan L. Tolentino09276975215291B7331AF
Joseph Jhoy Manuel0915081183751342E2132
Jp Bedrejo Dagar0935963506383A80DB903
Jun Palencia094340407018F88306062
Junrex Piollo Hapsay09474102015B2C7BCBBAC
Kcube Bagoyo09122702884BCA03E357F
Kelvin Competente0998370564877780E0222
Kenneth Jade Candia092224159618A81AFF476
Mark Lozares Alfonso09266798960192A34E2A6
Michael Gangan090633202881444B8E79D
Niel Badanoy0949770328503E1003AB7
Norwin Roxas092319847768999234518
Paopao Yap0916510950007BA96B855
Rechie Teves09367409389696076EB22
Rey Vinz Udasan0999717325674D4317943
Rhenz Rodriguez Mojados094366953695E00589704
Richard Peregrino091568273333315BD5963
Rodelino Gonzales09985632014549AB3524C
Ronandrew Reyes0975236402482C08022A7
Ryan Garing09453903702C878B7148F
Ryan Sia091883338441807EB93BF
Takyo Obayan093950539038195000199
Tito Fernandez Balazon Jr091620192609C8EDE8548
Winniel Camaligan09231316500E3B8A17831

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Latest Releases
Raspberry Pi v5.3.3 rc2 (May 23, 2024) Download | Mirror
Orange Pi v5.3.3 rc2 (May 23, 2024) Download | Mirror
Raspberry Pi v4.5.3 (May 23, 2024) Download | Mirror
Orange Pi v4.5.3 (May 23, 2024) Download | Mirror

Raspberry Pi v5.3.1 Download | Mirror
Orange Pi v5.3.1 Download | Mirror
PC v2.3.1 Download | Mirror
MXQ v2.3.1 Download | Mirror
Newifi D2 v2.2.2 Download | Mirror
Mikrotik v2 RC2 Download | Mirror
Previous Releases
Raspberry Pi v4.5.0 Download | Mirror
Orange Pi v4.5.0 Download | Mirror
PC v2.1.0 Download
Mikrotik v1.0.0 RC7F Download
Orange Pi Mikrotik PPPoE Controller Download

Raspberry Pi v4.4.7 Download
Orange Pi v4.4.7 Download
Yosi Vendo Downloads
NodeMCU Wireless Coinslot. Download
Compatible with iWiFi versions
  • Raspberry Pi v5.4.0 or later.
  • Orange Pi H3 v5.4.0 or later.
  • Mxq v2.4.0 or later.
  • PC v2.4.0 or later.
DO NOT use on lower versions...
Other Downloads
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